Sustaining and enhancing the natural environment of Lanark County through the combined efforts of all.

We’re all part of the Solution

The Lanark County Stewardship Council (LCSC) ran from 1995 up until December 2023. LCSC acted as a volunteer, community-based Council dedicated to natural resource stewardship in Lanark County. The Council strove to provide educational opportunities, create materials, and organize events on topics important to the environment. The Invasive Species Toolkit is the final project the Council worked on before closing it’s doors December 30, 2023.

Invasive Species Tool Kit

Lanark County is home to a broad diversity of species and ecosystems that make up some of the area’s greatest assets. Our lakes, rivers, wetlands and forests are being threatened by the introduction of invasive species to our landscape. Invasive species are the second most significant threat to biodiversity after habitat loss. To protect our lands and waters we need to raise awareness on invasive non-native species and the negative impacts they have on natural places. We hope to educate and inspire individuals to take action on identifying, managing, and preventing invasive species on their properties. 

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