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Our Work


Our council works with the community on a range of projects from hands-on resource improvements to workshops and youth education. At times we take the lead role in a project at other times we assist our partners in achieving their goal by bringing the right people, groups or resources together.

Our council can assist in many ways including financial assistance.

Your community environmental project/proposal should include most of the following components:

  • Have a broad community benefit
  • Have ecosystem value
  • Have a broad landscape impact
  • Incorporate cost sharing partners
  • Account for landowner contributions
  • Have clear ties to sponsoring associations or agencies
  • Have community participation
  • Promote environmental education and awareness
  • Have deliverables that can be measured
  • Have a budget proposal
  • Contain a communications component

We will not:

  • Fund political parties
  • Fund lobby efforts
  • Totally fund a project
  • Maintain an entity

To apply for assistance please fill out the Partnership Proposal.

The Partnership Guideline is to be used as a general guide. Please feel free to add any details that you think will help us better evaluate your project/proposal. Please note: you will be asked to make a short presentation to the council and to answer any questions they may have.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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