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Your Wildlife Habitat

Your Wildlife Habitat

Many people move to a rural setting with the expressed desire to observe more wildlife. Then, once they’ve had a few first-hand encounters, the romantic ideal begins to wear a little thin.

Perhaps you imagined enjoying a multitude of songbirds at the birdfeeder, but a black bear keeps getting into it, as well as your barbecue. Or you’ve just discovered a litter of baby raccoons in the attic. If you have taken up hobby farming, perhaps the deer have been browsing your crop or you’ve lost a couple of sheep to coyotes.

It is our responsibility to prevent conflicts with wildlife by limiting access to food and other attractants, which is the primary cause of all human-wildlife conflicts. However, we realize that some conflicts will be unavoidable. While we understand how exasperating these can be, we hope you will consider a moderate approach before you turn to extreme measures.

Be sure to read about Regulations for Protecting Your Property from Wildlife before you take any action.

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