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Wetland Management Overview


 Wetlands provide crucial habitat for many species

The area along the water’s edge is known as the “riparian zone” or the green ribbon of life. The vegetation within this zone protects both the shoreline and the water. It holds the soil in place to prevent erosion and it filters out potential pollutants. Shallow waters closest to the shoreline are a rich breeding and feeding ground for aquatic life.

Before we understood the science, waterfront homeowners frequently mowed their lawns right down to the water, created beaches with truckloads of sand, constructed cement docks or retaining walls and other environmentally harmful practices. The state of our lakes and streams and the loss of aquatic life have been giving us the message that shoreline naturalization is the way to go. Many conservation authorities and lake associations are offering assistance and incentives to help restore shoreline habitat so it’s worth checking their websites.

The Shore Primer, prepared by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, explains how to save your lake from premature aging. It provides details on how to restore your shoreline. They have also published The Dock Primer for those who want to build a shore friendly dock, of low risk to fish habitat.

Nature Canada’s Living By Water Project provides helpful advice for those living beside water at any time of year. Spring Tips | Fall Tips

Restoring Healthy Shorelines is a Peterborough Green Up Fact Sheet that gives general tips about shoreline naturalization, suggests some landscaping ideas and provides a list of common shoreline plants in Ontario.

Water and Wetlands Extension Notes are available from the Landowners Resource Centre covering a number of topics about protecting and improving fish habitat and water quality.

Restoring Shorelines with Willows is an Extension Note which explains how willows are an ideal native plant for restoring degraded shorelines to a more natural state.

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