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About Us

Council Priorities

From its inception in 1995 until 2013, the Lanark County Stewardship Council had a full time coordinator and $10 thousand dollars in seed money from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) to carry out stewardship activities in Lanark County. It was a very successful program and the LCSC has a very long list of achievements. That all changed in 2013. The OMNR withdrew its funding from the stewardship program. We lost our coordinator and the $10 thousand that was used to lever additional funds through strategic partnerships.

This was a major setback for the council, but we are determined to carry on. We feel there is still a very important role for environmental stewardship in Lanark County. The council cannot carry on as we have in the past, however we can continue to do good work in the county. We just have to be more strategic and carefully establish our priorities to ensure we not only do the right projects, we do them well. The success of the council has been the quality of its volunteers and its ability to work effectively with partners. That is the way we will continue to operate.

We have reciently developed a strategic plan in which, one of the council’s priorities is to develop strategies to increase its capacity. Read more about our strategic plan here.

Our County

Situated at the interface of the Canadian Shield and the limestone flats of the former Lake Champlain, our County has attractions for everyone.

Covering over 300,000 hectares of which 57.6% is forested land, the county provides a home to more than 68,000 residents.

Historical towns and villages front the Mississippi and Clyde Rivers, and the Rideau Canal, which is a World Heritage Waterway. Old weaving mills, dams and sawmills point to the activities of early settlers.

The major timber areas consisting of Crown Lands, Community Forests and private lands are concentrated in the northern and western townships. Most are administered sustainably under long range management plans, and support an important resource based industry.

Glacial deposits on the former shores of Lake Champlain are the backbone of an extensive Aggregate Extraction Industry.

The southern and eastern portions contain some high value agricultural lands, extensive wetlands and marginal farming areas on thin soils over bedrock. These support an active beef industry.

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy our Provincial Parks and public recreation areas, plus a network of trails for snowmobiles, ATVs, bicycles and cross country skiers. Our three large rivers and over 50 lakes provide for excellent boating and fishing, while healthy game populations sustain excellent hunting opportunities.

There is a vibrant tourist industry, relying on outdoor activities, festivals, rural events, sight seeing tours, and cultural happenings.

Lanark County has it all!

Our Partners

The success of our Stewardship Council is in large part due to our many partners. We continually seek new partnerships, and ways of assisting environmental projects. Our accomplishments are only a small part of the work done by community volunteers and the hundreds of hours dedicated towards the environment. Lanark County is fortunate to have as many active and committed residents and community environmental groups.

Lanark County Soil and Crop Improvement Association
Lanark Fish and Game Conservation Club
Limestone District School Board
Mississippi Lake Stewards
Mississippi Valley Conservation
Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists
OMYA Canada
Ontario Parks – Murphys Point
Orion Clark
Otty Lake Association
Rideau Environmental Action League
Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
Rideau Valley Clean Water Program
Scouts Canada
Service Canada
Tay Valley Township
Upper Canada District School Board
Urban Forest River Corridor Group – Carleton Place
Vince Brady
White Lake Association
Youth Programs MNR
25 landowners involved in the Wildlife Crop Study
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