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Sustaining and enhancing the natural environment of Lanark County through the combined efforts of all.

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The Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County is a unique organization: a volunteer, community-based Council which works with individuals and community groups committed to responsible environmental stewardship. The Council, comprised of community members representing landowner interests and a variety of environmental interest groups, is part of a network of stewardship councils across the province, each operating independently within its respective community. Through active collaboration with other community organizations, the Council provides a locally-based and community-oriented means of linking landowners with information on best practices, expertise and modest resources for a wide-range of specific grassroots environmental initiatives. Although rooted locally, the Lanark Stewardship Council’s projects and partners range from local, to provincial to national.

Sustaining and enhancing the natural environment of Lanark County through the combined efforts of all.

Fish and Wildlife

Living in a rural environments allows us to be a stewards of the landscape around us. Protecting fish habitats and helping wildlife thrive are just a few of the things we do.

We can help you do the same. 

Climate Network

Scientist around the world have told us that the earth is at a turning point. We have limited time to slow down global warming  to keep the earth’s temperature at 1.5% increase.

But what can you do? 


Help in managing your rural property is usually not too far away. The main challenge is knowing who to contact and where to start in tracking down the answers to your questions. 

Let us help!


There are so many rewarding things about being a volunteer. The camaraderie. The joy of seeing the fruits of your labour. Helping those that cant help themselves.

Want to make a difference? 

Featured News

Climate Action Where We Live Workshop 

Climate Action Where We Live Workshop 

Climate Action Where We Live Workshop Hosted by the Climate Action Network of Lanark County, Smiths Falls & Region Saturday February 29, 2020 Algonquin College, Perth Campus, 7 Craig Street, Perth. DUE TO HIGH RESPONSE PLEASE NOTE THE LOCATION HAS CHANGED!Perth...

Become wild bee friendly

Become wild bee friendly

Pollination is critical to life on the planet — for healthy ecosystems and biodiversity and for agriculture and our food supply. Pollination takes place in many ways; wind and insects are the two biggies. All grains, grasses and many trees are pollinated by wind....

Hands on Stewardship

Hands on Stewardship

White-tail Deer, Cougar, Walleye, Bees and Eels — what do these have in common? These are all projects of the Lanark County Stewardship Council and topics for our new monthly column in the Lanark Era called Hands-on Stewardship. The Lanark County Stewardship Council...